22 10 2009

i sat to write a poem

a poem to describe my heart

a poem that represents me

a poem to express my thoughts,

with a canvas of a paper

a mind with emotions,

but i lost my words, i lost my poem

where did my words go,

the white paper, remained as beautifully white,

lost lost lost

where are my words

maybe stolen

maybe lost

somewhere in the depths of time

a poem lost, never to find

so here i sit, looking at this white

and a thousand emotions fade away……


21 07 2009

page after page

lines after lines.

lyric after lyric

rhyme after rhyme,

a million ways to express what i feel,

but all of these seem so strange,

i can’t pretend that I don’t wait to scream,

can’t hide the ocean of tears that have fallen from my eyes.

the words have run out me…

but emotions still overshadow me…..

these words fall short of justification

but the emptiness is drowning me…..

i sit alone lost in thoughts,,

trying to imagine your face,

i see you there, lucid,  as if you are for real,

i reach out to touch you, but air is all i feel,

dreams come to pass,

realities yet to get nearer

distance between us is out of our control,

you are thousands of miles away, but close to my soul,

i know this distance does not tear us apart, it only makes us stronger


if there was no such thing as distance,

i would be lying in your arms, unaware of the passing nights,

if there was no such thing as distance

your hand would be in mine and your smile in my eyes,

if there was no such thing as distance

you would be here with me forever

i can’t wait to see you everyday

i have  waited so long, to see that smile come my way,

to wake up next to you, to hear you breathe…..

for all the whispers left silent,

all the thoughts left unvoiced,

all the secrets untold,

all the feelings unspoken,

time counts down the hours, to a time that will be ours

hold my hand, my love, hold it tight,

our strength to keep us through these nights,

this distance is hard, but we can get through ,

so take my hand,

make this distance disappear.

and walk with me into our dreams coming true.