8 09 2009


tears fill my eyes,

silence keeps me silent ,

thoughts completely die,

am i myself

are we really ourselves

its such a irrelevant question

is there any truth in what u see in the mirror

in the shadow that trails your body every moment

are you really you

why do i live in the moment of  I

why do i ask myself this .. always ???


when you can close your eyes to the illusions the

day presents..

when you can cut out the blinding light of the sun

and say hi to the other side..


is sitting under that lamp-post lost in thoughts you

wont ever be brave to face in the light ..

Night ..

when ya cant see whats ahead of you

but whats within you

night is the time of truth..

there are no more masks to say hi too..

no more feeling sick of the fake smiles..

night is feeling alone,,

feeling like what God feels.. yes

Night is The God – The Unknown

shadowed again…

untamed again….


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s this little girl who smiles at all??!!

20 07 2009

I look into the mirror and see a little girl,
see her smile , a smile too big for her face,
i look right past it and realize how fake it is,
her eyes betray her true feeling,
shining with the soreness of her soul,
I look into the mirror and see someone misunderstood.
see a fragile child trotting along trying to fit in with the horde,
she puts on a mask that conceals the discomfort in her face,
the truth lies within her,
I look into the mirror and see that it is no mystery,
there she is, you can see all of her,
she is different, but not difficult,
look into her eyes and see what’s really in there
see the pain she has survived,
the heartbreaks she has pressed through
the hopes and dreams that are struggling to endure,
the peace, the romance that truly illustrate her,
the love for rainy days, the craving for music,
the corner she sits and cries in,
crawl into her brain
sit down there and ponder for a while
do not contradict, just let it all flow in
finally maybe you’ll realize, why the truth is hidden
not many get there,
not many understand
the things she says, the writings of her hand,
not everything she does would turn out to be good,
but she know , to be great is to be misunderstood,

smile little girl, keep smiling,
so that the tears don’t come spilling,
breathe little girl, keep breathing,
so that it helps to stop the fighting,
struggle little girl, keep struggling,
cause that is the way of living ,
grow up little girl, stand up
fight fate and all insecurities enforced upon you,.
cry so the world can see your wounds, it’s not your weakness but the truth.
live little girl, fight back, break those manacles,
come out to the world, brave and strong,
unveil that mask,
smile again , laugh again,

I look into the mirror, i am in the nude,
when you are alone,
you’ll realize ,there is a little bit of me in all of you…..