18 11 2009
Loving you brings to me such pride,
every second I find myself loving you more
I love your smile, your laugh, your touch;
Your kisses awaken my saddened heart
All the time in between while we’re apart,
I miss you terribly, but it is still a perfect day,
For I carry you in my heart


22 09 2009

who am i..why do you come near me..cause u want me…cause you think i am beautiful…am i…look again…i am an ugly angel…..who you see living,smiling,laughing,crying…with beautiful eyez to die for…..with large wings that flutter to fly….with an halo that illuminates my soul….with tears that cry with yours…. i am the one u’ll love for no reason…. but then i scream….asking you to look again…look at me….look into these eyes….deep inside… you see me bleed… you see the fire that Burns the halo….the rage that tears my wings….the devil that rips my soul… you see..haa…the beautiful devil…camouflaged behind the angel….do you see me…living this death with complete insanity….do you see my ghost that makes me oh so sane….no….you dont….you cant as you are too blinded by the obvious… the ugly… can never know….you dont deserve to know me…. and dont you dare to come any where near me… fire will burn ya down…i’ll poison u so slowly that u’ll beg for more….beg to die…..but i’ll still keep u alive cause u dont deserve death……..

8 09 2009


tears fill my eyes,

silence keeps me silent ,

thoughts completely die,

am i myself

are we really ourselves

its such a irrelevant question

is there any truth in what u see in the mirror

in the shadow that trails your body every moment

are you really you

why do i live in the moment of  I

why do i ask myself this .. always ???


when you can close your eyes to the illusions the

day presents..

when you can cut out the blinding light of the sun

and say hi to the other side..


is sitting under that lamp-post lost in thoughts you

wont ever be brave to face in the light ..

Night ..

when ya cant see whats ahead of you

but whats within you

night is the time of truth..

there are no more masks to say hi too..

no more feeling sick of the fake smiles..

night is feeling alone,,

feeling like what God feels.. yes

Night is The God – The Unknown

shadowed again…

untamed again….


blue violin

7 09 2009



27 08 2009

he calls to me through my dreams…..
dancing together in the shadows of my sleep…..
where we laugh and love once again…..
in his arms….
i feel him now….
distance couldn’t keep us apart….
when destiny drew us together…..
i hold on to him for eternity….
as long as he keeps calling……


22 08 2009

What did I do?
What did we do?
Why is there a feud
between me and you?
what had been peace,
is now less luminous.
my emotions are no venom
look into my eyes and

tell me what you see
you see all of me
but you don’t see the truth
take me as I am
no more
no less
no hidden intentions
pure and true
you might know the person I act like
but you do not know me
so do not judge me
I was already judged my fate
do not act like you know me
i will forever be a stranger in your midst,
that failed shadow
im angry
not with the world
but with myself
not many people get me,
not many understand The things that I say,
the writings of my hand.

perfect smile…

9 08 2009

Seraphim sit in heaven,

envious of your smile,

a perfect moment,

a perfect joy,

a perfect life,

the most beautiful colour of the rainbow,

what an enchanting smile this is,

keep smiling cause no one will do it for you.