5 07 2011

Who am I?

Such a cliche question.

For I am not who you think

There is another side of me

The other side of me

Is a strange world

A new escape

A new beginning

This is where I come to restore sanity

I never want to be found

And I never want to go home

Consumed by fire, Renewed by the flames, Reborn inside and out

15 09 2009

Phoenix Archoooo txt1

8 09 2009


tears fill my eyes,

silence keeps me silent ,

thoughts completely die,

am i myself

are we really ourselves

its such a irrelevant question

is there any truth in what u see in the mirror

in the shadow that trails your body every moment

are you really you

why do i live in the moment of  I

why do i ask myself this .. always ???


when you can close your eyes to the illusions the

day presents..

when you can cut out the blinding light of the sun

and say hi to the other side..


is sitting under that lamp-post lost in thoughts you

wont ever be brave to face in the light ..

Night ..

when ya cant see whats ahead of you

but whats within you

night is the time of truth..

there are no more masks to say hi too..

no more feeling sick of the fake smiles..

night is feeling alone,,

feeling like what God feels.. yes

Night is The God – The Unknown

shadowed again…

untamed again….


as i dance…..

10 08 2009


Svata ……Hush!! my gypsy spirit sings her story…..

20 07 2009

that never tear apart..
dreams that never awaken …
am free, like a breeze,like a gypsy
i travel with the wind
buoyant,spiritual soul
nobody’s owned,
mysterious eyes
a spell to cast,
inviting luscious lip
a whisper to spare,
dark unruly hair,
elixir of life
feet wild and free
fearless steps towards the untold
smiling.laughing ,singing
Unknowing, wild,untouched
unspoiled by life,
forever in love,
will the world ever know my beauty?
am i really free?
fickle love,
fickle women,
dirty words,
lies of right and wrong,
what is good and who is bad,
manipulating my freedom,
i’ll shatter this glass covered enclosure
come what may,
this gypsy doesn’t care
this gypsy wants something
she will take it
the gypsy way
the world will never know my beauty,
and i will never be part of it.
i wander the wilds,
trade in worries for smiles,
making my way,finding new songs to play.