there is a bit of me in all of you…..

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it !

Trying to figure out life. My dreams and my thoughts mean the most to me.
I am little vague, a little bit of loneliness,misunderstood,sometimes insecure,sometimes happy,a dreamer,a little numb,a little sensitive,a believer.

I choose to live by choice, not by chance.
I choose to make changes, not excuses.
I choose to be motivated, not manipulated.
I choose to be useful, not used.
I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.

A child died today
and madness reigned free.
How do I know you ask?
You see, that child was me.

The challenges of being a woman surfaced in my life when I was eight years old, when I first felt that horror of an old man touching me in places I did not want him to, when my family left me all alone with a cab driver who thought he found his toy in me, when my grand mother reduced food from my plate to give it to my brother, when I was taught to make chapatti’s for an eight member family without doing my homework, why was this happening to me I questioned and the answer I got was ‘because you are a woman’. I wondered for a long time as to where did I go wrong and then I realized that it was not me but this society of so called social animals that I live in, this mankind who look at women as objects ,they were wrong. I was not going to sit back and take this trauma of being used and abused; I had to fight for me and other women in this literate society of illiterate fools.

This was the start to my passion to work for and with women. I strongly believe that one individual can start powerful revolution that transforms the society, and I want to be that woman to tell them that it is neither a pedestal nor deification that women fight for. Their struggle has always been for the right to say yes and to be given the respect they deserve. The worst myth is that man is superior and woman is inferior. Physical power does not decide superiority. Man and woman being complementary physically, emotionally and morally there is no scope for comparison. One does not exist without the other. They are interdependent. Dignity of mankind is entrusted with women and women only. Why are women subjected to acts of violence? And by whom? It is not at all fair that the “fair sex” should suffer in the hands of unfair men, unfairly thought of as the stronger sex. Ever since the days of creation Eve has been thought of as Adam’s toy. The Adam kid has never grown up. He is becoming more and more wicked.
As an activist I intend to be honest and truly bring fundamental changes to the lives of those living with misery under ignorance about their self worth. I empathize with and respect the role women play in their personal and professional life and all I want is for them to earn their deserved position and respect and educate children to help them be independent. I want to work with a powerful group of thinkers and together create events and situations that provoke the mass of think differently.

2 responses

22 07 2009


Little sensitive? No…. never “little”…..

Yea, you wont know once they ask……… I wont ask, so you will know!!!

13 07 2016

I hear you & I see you…
They didn’t manage to kill the “childish” flame in you…still burning!
May it never dies and those who can’t stand it…well they better get the **** out of the kitchen!!!
Love & respect.

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