life is…just life

28 01 2010

seen the world with these two eyes,

spread wings but didn’t fly

asked God why, to never receive an answer,

loved completely and watched them leave

cried like never to smile

walked in darkness for half a mile

saw the sun in the distance for a small while

laughed until could not breathe

faced fears with a stern face

wept all night,

almost never made it

had times that that was it

was so close to death

there’s so much more inside of us,

without speaking a word.

seen it all, yet you know there’s more

where will it take you,

what it will take from you,

where does this lead you,

where will it leave you

people don’t want you to be you,

want us to be the person they want to see

This is life,

Life is just….life







but we live,

through the pain,




The fact is……

we are alive!!!

So until i finish my final task,

a little peace is all i ask.