Passion, moves me, for you

30 07 2009

Gleaming bodies knotted
in an endless erotic dance,
seeking pleasures from each other,
seeking wonder and romance
your gaze meets mine;
the warm look in your eyes,
lay down beside me my love
feel my body cry for you
touch, explore, taste,
exceed passion, go beyond bliss
want me, like no other
need you, like the air that I breathe
together we belong, one mind, one soul
existing in this moment
forever and a day more.
you are here with me tonight.
i want to love every inch of you
taste every part of your body
want to get lost in your eyes..
consumed by your desire
set my body on fire, touch my soul with your passion
let me savor each sensual, gentle demanding kiss
let me feel your warm soft breath on my neck
let me hear you whisper that sweet language of love
moving together in synch we become one body, one heart, one soul- one being
soft cries, hushed words are the only sounds we hear
my body arches to feel the touch of your hand, the feel of you
you bring more pleasure than I’ve ever known
i give myself to you completely
our needs are great, we both have found;
our hearts pounding with expectancy
we become one, lying there on the ground
a beautiful moment ,in my memory forever encased.

but then i open my eyes
another night gone and passed
i awake in ecstasy all alone.
for you visit at night; In dreams you come.
and I dread the coming of a new dawn.

just one more kiss..

23 07 2009


just one more kiss to keep me sane

just one more kiss to help me tame

a kiss to hold us together in,

a kiss to say a lot of things.

kiss me and make me think.

kiss me and make my pain go away

kiss me and hold me close to you

kiss me and whisper words that are true

i felt the breath of your lips.

i felt the warmth of your heart

my body trembled  lightly.

when i  heard you speak to me calmly.

i’ve wanted this for so very long.

these feelings here are truly strong.

you have me now, what do you do?

i am right here in front of you.

i leaned cause i wanted more

this heavenly feeling that healed all that was sore

true perfection I thought.

but should I continue i knew not

i seized it back all, i had to resist

all i wanted was to be kissed

just one more kiss to help me live

just one more kiss to give.


21 07 2009

page after page

lines after lines.

lyric after lyric

rhyme after rhyme,

a million ways to express what i feel,

but all of these seem so strange,

i can’t pretend that I don’t wait to scream,

can’t hide the ocean of tears that have fallen from my eyes.

the words have run out me…

but emotions still overshadow me…..

these words fall short of justification

but the emptiness is drowning me…..

i sit alone lost in thoughts,,

trying to imagine your face,

i see you there, lucid,  as if you are for real,

i reach out to touch you, but air is all i feel,

dreams come to pass,

realities yet to get nearer

distance between us is out of our control,

you are thousands of miles away, but close to my soul,

i know this distance does not tear us apart, it only makes us stronger


if there was no such thing as distance,

i would be lying in your arms, unaware of the passing nights,

if there was no such thing as distance

your hand would be in mine and your smile in my eyes,

if there was no such thing as distance

you would be here with me forever

i can’t wait to see you everyday

i have  waited so long, to see that smile come my way,

to wake up next to you, to hear you breathe…..

for all the whispers left silent,

all the thoughts left unvoiced,

all the secrets untold,

all the feelings unspoken,

time counts down the hours, to a time that will be ours

hold my hand, my love, hold it tight,

our strength to keep us through these nights,

this distance is hard, but we can get through ,

so take my hand,

make this distance disappear.

and walk with me into our dreams coming true.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s this little girl who smiles at all??!!

20 07 2009

I look into the mirror and see a little girl,
see her smile , a smile too big for her face,
i look right past it and realize how fake it is,
her eyes betray her true feeling,
shining with the soreness of her soul,
I look into the mirror and see someone misunderstood.
see a fragile child trotting along trying to fit in with the horde,
she puts on a mask that conceals the discomfort in her face,
the truth lies within her,
I look into the mirror and see that it is no mystery,
there she is, you can see all of her,
she is different, but not difficult,
look into her eyes and see what’s really in there
see the pain she has survived,
the heartbreaks she has pressed through
the hopes and dreams that are struggling to endure,
the peace, the romance that truly illustrate her,
the love for rainy days, the craving for music,
the corner she sits and cries in,
crawl into her brain
sit down there and ponder for a while
do not contradict, just let it all flow in
finally maybe you’ll realize, why the truth is hidden
not many get there,
not many understand
the things she says, the writings of her hand,
not everything she does would turn out to be good,
but she know , to be great is to be misunderstood,

smile little girl, keep smiling,
so that the tears don’t come spilling,
breathe little girl, keep breathing,
so that it helps to stop the fighting,
struggle little girl, keep struggling,
cause that is the way of living ,
grow up little girl, stand up
fight fate and all insecurities enforced upon you,.
cry so the world can see your wounds, it’s not your weakness but the truth.
live little girl, fight back, break those manacles,
come out to the world, brave and strong,
unveil that mask,
smile again , laugh again,

I look into the mirror, i am in the nude,
when you are alone,
you’ll realize ,there is a little bit of me in all of you…..

Svata ……Hush!! my gypsy spirit sings her story…..

20 07 2009

that never tear apart..
dreams that never awaken …
am free, like a breeze,like a gypsy
i travel with the wind
buoyant,spiritual soul
nobody’s owned,
mysterious eyes
a spell to cast,
inviting luscious lip
a whisper to spare,
dark unruly hair,
elixir of life
feet wild and free
fearless steps towards the untold
smiling.laughing ,singing
Unknowing, wild,untouched
unspoiled by life,
forever in love,
will the world ever know my beauty?
am i really free?
fickle love,
fickle women,
dirty words,
lies of right and wrong,
what is good and who is bad,
manipulating my freedom,
i’ll shatter this glass covered enclosure
come what may,
this gypsy doesn’t care
this gypsy wants something
she will take it
the gypsy way
the world will never know my beauty,
and i will never be part of it.
i wander the wilds,
trade in worries for smiles,
making my way,finding new songs to play.